Super Mujeres, Nicaragua PCA 2022

경매 개요

로트: 17
입찰 시작: 23 6월 2022 09:00:00 EDT
종료: 23 6월 2022 10:27:41 EDT
입찰 계약

With this PCA we want to highlight the Super Women who lead the quality of Nicaraguan coffee. The coffees selected for this auction were sourced from 13 Cooperatives and Estates. The coffees appearing
in the 2022 Super Mujeres Auction are the 17 top lots selected by the international Jury.

The Super Mujeres Coffee lots are vacuum packed in 15kg bricks and coffees will be shipped in boxes
of 2 bricks each (30kg per box). The size listed includes partial boxes.

이 경매의 로트

순위 점수 크기 무게 증가분 입찰 총 값/가치 농장 높은 입찰자 남은 시간
187.6712759lbs$0.20$9.40/lb$7,134.60(Organic) 5 De Junio - Mary Elsy Caldera De Cooperativa 5 De JunioBrulerie du QuaiFINISHED
287.5813828lbs$0.20$5.00/lb$4,140.00Soppexcca - Fátima Ismael Espinoza – De SoppexccaMercanta LimitedFINISHED
387.4712772.8lbs$0.20$7.20/lb$5,564.16Alejandrita - Martha Morena Castilblanco BenavidezLinking Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
486.7213828lbs$0.20$5.00/lb$4,140.00(Organic) La Bendicion - Nora Ivania Meza PerezAscension Coffee RoastersFINISHED
586.6712772.8lbs$0.20$5.00/lb$3,864.00Escambray - SoppexccaMercanta LimitedFINISHED
686.6713828lbs$0.20$5.00/lb$4,140.00(Organic) La Toronja - Delfina Gómez Monzón-FINISHED
786.6113828lbs$0.20$5.00/lb$4,140.00(Organic) Renacer - Cooperativa Renacer-FINISHED
886.5813828lbs$0.20$5.00/lb$4,140.00(Organic) Punta Plancha - Margarita Herrera Gurdián-FINISHED
986.3613828lbs$0.20$5.00/lb$4,140.00(Organic) Cooperativa Laureano Flores - Cooperativa Laureano Flores-FINISHED
1086.33171,104lbs$0.20$5.00/lb$5,520.00(Organic) La Esperanza - Arelis De Jesús Vilchez Castellón-FINISHED
1186.1413828lbs$0.20$5.40/lb$4,471.20(Organic) Miraflor - Silvia Dinora González De Uca MiraflorBrulerie du QuaiFINISHED
1286.1415931.5lbs$0.20$5.00/lb$4,657.50El Eden - Karina Tatiana González VarelaLinking Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
1386.1413828lbs$0.20$5.00/lb$4,140.00(Organic) 17 De Octubre - Cooperativa 17 De OctubreAscension Coffee RoastersFINISHED
1486.1113828lbs$0.20$5.00/lb$4,140.00(Organic) Alejandro Maradiaga - Cooperativa Alejandro Maradiaga-FINISHED
1585.6113828lbs$0.20$5.00/lb$4,140.00Ramón Pineda - Cooperativa Ramón PinedaLinking Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
1685.1413828lbs$0.20$5.00/lb$4,140.00La Huerta - Blanca Estela Zuniga Rodríguez-FINISHED
1785.1113828lbs$0.20$5.00/lb$4,140.00(Organic) El Volcan - María Antonia Figueroa Lagos-FINISHED
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