Honduras COE 2021


ロット: 28
入札開始: 19 8 2021 09:00:00 EDT
終了: 19 8 2021 13:10:14 EDT

Cup of Excellence® winners showcase the countries most amazing flavors: only possible when varietal, terroir, and harvesting are all in harmony.

The winning lots are the top 30 coffees that scored above an 87 by the Cup of Excellence International Jury. These coffees have each been cupped a minimum of five different times during the cupping process. The coffee is packaged in 30kg boxes containing two 15kg vacuum-packed bags. The listed size includes partial boxes.


ランク スコア サイズ 重さ 入札単位 入札 合計数 ファーム 最高入札者 残り時間
1a90.675330.69lbs$0.10$58.50/lb$19,345.37Finca Santa Lucia - Desarrollos Santa LuciaOrsir Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
1b90.674264.55lbs$0.10$59.00/lb$15,608.45Finca Santa Lucia - Desarrollos Santa LuciaCoffee LibreFINISHED
2a90.45330.69lbs$0.10$75.20/lb$24,867.89Platanares - Iris Dariela Carvajal BonillaBIGFACEFINISHED
2b90.45330.69lbs$0.10$75.10/lb$24,834.82Platanares - Iris Dariela Carvajal BonillaNOZY COFFEE Co., LtdFINISHED
3a90.374264.55lbs$0.10$62.20/lb$16,455.01Los Pinos - Reniery Orlando Carvajal GuevaraBIGFACEFINISHED
3b90.374264.55lbs$0.10$62.00/lb$16,402.10Los Pinos - Reniery Orlando Carvajal GuevaraNOZY COFFEE Co., LtdFINISHED
490.1710628.32lbs$0.10$50.40/lb$31,667.33El Sauce - Esteban Madrid ChávezBIGFACEFINISHED
590.078529.11lbs$0.10$50.50/lb$26,720.06La Salsa - Benjamin Paz MuñozSarutahiko Coffee Inc.FINISHED
690.0712793.66lbs$0.10$29.20/lb$23,174.87El Carbonal - Irma Esther Madrid VillanuevaTime's ClubFINISHED
789.5715992.08lbs$0.10$20.70/lb$20,536.06El Rubí - Jeniffer Iveth Madrid ChavezSpirit Animal Coffee, LLCFINISHED
889.339562.18lbs$0.10$25.70/lb$14,448.03El Litacayo - Ángel Arturo Paz RamírezKasai CoffeeFINISHED
989.039595.25lbs$0.10$25.20/lb$15,000.30Las Virginias - Dolmin Josue Moreno AlvaradoWataru & Co., Ltd. FINISHED
1088.3311727.52lbs$0.10$13.20/lb$9,603.26La Piedrona lote #1 - Manuel de Jesús Mancia OsorioWataru & Co., Ltd.FINISHED
1188.238529.11lbs$0.10$24.20/lb$12,804.46La Huerta #1 - Maria Jesus Lontero MontoyaJapan Roasters' NetworkFINISHED
1288.1313826.73lbs$0.10$20.50/lb$16,947.97Virginia - Fabio Antonio Caballero MartinezS.O.E COFFEEFINISHED
1388.1312760.59lbs$0.10$20.40/lb$15,516.04Cielito Lindo - Job Neel Caceres DiazKyokuto Fadie CorporationFINISHED
1488.114892.87lbs$0.10$20.70/lb$18,482.41Los Tongos - Carlos David Castillo AlfaroMOMOS COFFEEFINISHED
1587.977462.97lbs$0.10$33.20/lb$15,370.60Don Andres - Josue Nahun Fernández SabillonKasai CoffeeFINISHED
1687.837462.97lbs$0.10$42.10/lb$19,491.04Los Quetzales - Pedro Sagastume EnamoradoOrsir Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
1787.86396.83lbs$0.10$15.50/lb$6,150.87La Platanera - Gustavo Adolfo Sandoval DíazWataru & Co., Ltd. FINISHED
1887.6713859.8lbs$0.10$19.30/lb$16,594.14Los Colibries - Ronnie Alfredo Gabrie SallesKaffebrenneriet AsFINISHED
1987.57191,223.56lbs$0.10$19.10/lb$23,370.00El Buen Sembrador - Claudia del Carmen Murcia PintoWataru & Co., Ltd.FINISHED
2087.510661.39lbs$0.10$12.50/lb$8,267.38El Paraiso - Ovidio Gomes HernándezWataru & Co., Ltd. FINISHED
2187.4313826.73lbs$0.10$17.20/lb$14,219.76Liquidámbar - Ma Nery Marquez GranadosWataru & Co., Ltd. FINISHED
2287.48496.04lbs$0.10$24.10/lb$11,954.56Pacayalito - Miguel Angel Tabora MearsPassengerFINISHED
2387.37462.97lbs$0.10$15.10/lb$6,990.85El Plan - Edwin Ever Sabillon PazWataru & Co., Ltd. FINISHED
2487.210661.39lbs$0.10$14.10/lb$9,325.60Las Tres Peñas - Duvis Alexis Moreno ReyesWataru & Co., Ltd. FINISHED
2587.079595.25lbs$0.10$23.90/lb$14,226.48Cerro Azul - Cafe Azul Meambar S.A. de C.v.Marukai CorporationFINISHED