Perú COE 2019

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Lots: 24
Bidding starts: 05 Dec 2019 09:00:00 EST
Ends: 05 Dec 2019 12:33:35 EST
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Cup of Excellence® winners showcase the countries most amazing flavors: only possible when varietal, terroir, and harvesting are all in harmony.

The winning lots are the top 30 coffees that scored above an 87 by the Cup of Excellence International Jury. These coffees have each been cupped a minimum of five different times during the cupping process. The coffee is packaged in 30kg boxes containing two 15kg vacuum-packed bags.

Lots in this auction

Rank Score Size Weight Increment Bid Total value Farm High bidder Time left
1a92.286396.83lbs$0.10$20.00/lb$7,936.60La Lucuma - Grimanes Morales LizanaMaruyama Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
1b92.287423.29lbs$0.10$19.80/lb$8,381.14La Lucuma - Grimanes Morales LizanaDabov Specialty CoffeeFINISHED
2a91.446396.83lbs$0.10$30.00/lb$11,904.90Nuevo Progreso - Lucio Luque VasquezBlossom Valley IntlFINISHED
2b91.446394.63lbs$0.10$30.00/lb$11,838.90Nuevo Progreso - Lucio Luque VasquezCoffee MontageFINISHED
3a91.47462.97lbs$0.10$12.60/lb$5,833.42Agua Dulce - Junior Guido Flores EleraAscension Coffee RoastersFINISHED
3b91.47449.74lbs$0.10$12.50/lb$5,621.75Agua Dulce - Junior Guido Flores EleraRyans Coffee RoastersFINISHED
490.8811723.34lbs$0.10$16.00/lb$11,573.44Romerillo - Franklin Chingel MoralesKyokuto Fadie CorporationFINISHED
590.47181,168.45lbs$0.10$8.90/lb$10,399.21Perla Mayo - Luz Nelli Alarcon EstelaWataru & Co., Ltd.FINISHED
690.2914884.05lbs$0.10$8.70/lb$7,691.24Santa Sofia - Eleuterio Bolaños TorresillasMare Terra Green CoffeeFINISHED
789.69171,110.03lbs$0.10$8.60/lb$9,546.26Monte Rey - Felix Cachay CuevaWataru & Co., Ltd. - OsakaFINISHED
889.3213814.61lbs$0.10$8.40/lb$6,842.72Morales - Roiber Elit Becerra FernandezWataru & Co., Ltd.FINISHED
989.1813839.08lbs$0.10$16.88/lb$14,163.67Nueva Alianza - Dwight Aguilar MasiasTAF CoffeeFINISHED
1088.96191,216.95lbs$0.10$8.60/lb$10,465.77Esmeralda - Fabian Ortiz CoaquiraGSC International Co., Ltd.FINISHED
1188.75181,135.38lbs$0.10$8.21/lb$9,321.47La Palestina - Zobeida Alarcon CoronelDALIAN INSIDE OUT TRADING CO.,LTDFINISHED
1288.75161,027.35lbs$0.10$8.40/lb$8,629.74El Lechero - Idelio Ulises Nayra ArmijorKyokuto Fadie CorporationFINISHED
1388.6410648.16lbs$0.10$11.40/lb$7,389.02El Cedro - Nilson Silva DiazCamel Step RoastersFINISHED
1488.6411727.52lbs$0.10$11.80/lb$8,584.74Las Orquideas - Amancio Zuñiga AquinoSUPREMO COFFEEFINISHED
1588.63181,176.39lbs$0.10$11.00/lb$12,940.29La Perla - Rafael Arevalo ApolinarKyokuto Fadie CorporationFINISHED
1688.1814909.41lbs$0.10$8.70/lb$7,911.87Oropeza - Cruz Rodriguez OrtizBrew92 Cafe & RoasteryFINISHED
1788.1416998.25lbs$0.10$8.30/lb$8,285.48Picorana - Jose Cristian Lavan GuerreoGroundwork CoffeeFINISHED
1887.7212766.33lbs$0.10$8.20/lb$6,283.91El Progreso - Agustin Cassa CcoyoROAST CoffeeFINISHED
1987.58221,404.12lbs$0.10$8.00/lb$11,232.96La Fila - Evaristo Castro TantaleanNagahama Coffee Inc.FINISHED
2087.3612750.01lbs$0.10$7.81/lb$5,857.58Altos Cedruyoc - Juan Jose Huillca SinguñaWataru & Co., Ltd. - OsakaFINISHED
2187.3315988.55lbs$0.10$7.85/lb$7,760.12Parcela Cefrocafe- Huabal - Jose Martin Vega SegoviaWataru & Co., Ltd.FINISHED
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