Costa Rica COE 2019

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Lots: 31
Bidding starts: 18 Jul 2019 08:00:00 EDT
Ends: 18 Jul 2019 13:52:22 EDT
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Cup of Excellence® winners showcase the countries most amazing flavors: only possible when varietal, terroir, and harvesting are all in harmony.

The winning lots are the top 30 coffees that scored above an 87 by the Cup of Excellence International Jury. These coffees have each been cupped a minimum of five different times during the cupping process. The coffee is packaged in 30kg boxes containing two 15kg vacuum-packed bags.

Lots in this auction

Rank Score Size Weight Increment Bid Total value Farm High bidder Time left
1a91.147429.91lbs$0.10$65.30/lb$28,073.12Don Dario - Grupo Los Grandes de CopeyMaruyama Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
1b91.147429.91lbs$0.10$64.10/lb$27,557.23Don Dario - Grupo Los Grandes de CopeyHisashi Yamamoto Coffee INC. (Unir)FINISHED
2a91.0212760.61lbs$0.10$25.50/lb$19,395.56DON CAYITO - LUIS RICARDO CALDERON MADRIGALMUSEOFINISHED
3a90.889562.19lbs$0.10$30.10/lb$16,921.92Don Antonio - Grupo Los Grandes de Copey S.A.Black Gold Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
3b90.889562.19lbs$0.10$30.00/lb$16,865.70Don Antonio - Grupo Los Grandes de Copey S.A.Latorre & Dutch Coffee TradersFINISHED
489.31161,058.24lbs$0.10$29.60/lb$31,323.90Santa Teresa - Roger Ureña HidalgoBrew92 Cafe & RoasteryFINISHED
589.22161,058.24lbs$0.10$40.10/lb$42,435.42Vista Al Chirripó - RÉGULO UREÑA CHACÓNSulalat Coffee TradingFINISHED
689.0811727.54lbs$0.10$15.80/lb$11,495.13Finca Leoncio - Manuel Antonio Barrantes ZuñigaTerarosa (Haksan Co.Ltd)FINISHED
788.89171,124.38lbs$0.10$10.60/lb$11,918.43El Pino - Esteban Zamora PicadoMUSEOFINISHED
888.7715959.03lbs$0.10$33.10/lb$31,743.89El Cañal - Delmar Salas AlpízarLatorre & Dutch Coffee TradersFINISHED
988.6612760.61lbs$0.10$15.20/lb$11,561.27La Loma - Hector Bonilla CruzMayforest CoffeeFINISHED
1088.52161,058.24lbs$0.10$16.10/lb$17,037.66El Paraíso - Omar Calderón MadrigalWataru & Co., Ltd. - OsakaFINISHED
1188.44171,124.38lbs$0.10$12.00/lb$13,492.56Finca Chispita - Carlos Eduardo Barrantes ZuñigaAtomic Coffee RoastersFINISHED
1288.3171,091.31lbs$0.10$14.00/lb$15,278.34Sin Límites - José Jaime Cárdenas RojasTerarosa (Haksan Co.Ltd)FINISHED
1388.28171,091.31lbs$0.10$11.90/lb$12,986.59El Encino - Esteban Zamora PicadoSulalat Coffee TradingFINISHED
1488.2161,058.24lbs$0.10$11.60/lb$12,275.58Edgar - Bernabe Aguilera GonzalesWataru & Co., Ltd.FINISHED
1588.0814925.96lbs$0.10$12.00/lb$11,111.52Finca Flor De Café - Karla Dayanna Barrantes MolinaCampos CoffeeFINISHED
1687.9515992.1lbs$0.10$11.90/lb$11,805.99Don Mayo los Tucanes - Luis Pablo Bonilla Solis'THE DRIP CO.,LTD'FINISHED
1787.92161,058.24lbs$0.10$12.10/lb$12,804.70Dragón - Oscar Adolfo Monge UreñaCamel Step RoastersFINISHED
1887.8612760.61lbs$0.10$12.90/lb$9,811.87Las Nubes - Roger Ureña HidalgoList + Beisler GmbHFINISHED
1987.75181,157.45lbs$0.10$9.00/lb$10,417.05Doña Nina - Cafe Gourmet de Tobosi S.A.Wataru & Co., Ltd. - OsakaFINISHED
2087.75161,058.24lbs$0.10$10.10/lb$10,688.22El Bambú - ISABEL ROJAS GONZÁLEZWataru & Co., Ltd. - NagoyaFINISHED
2187.69171,124.38lbs$0.10$8.30/lb$9,332.35EL ALTO - LUIS ENRIQUE NAVARRO PORRASWataru & Co., Ltd.FINISHED
2287.6915959.03lbs$0.10$9.00/lb$8,631.27Don Mayo El LLano - Josue Bonilla SolisWataru & Co., Ltd.FINISHED
2387.6115992.1lbs$0.10$9.00/lb$8,928.90Don Mayo Las Nubes - Maria Auxiliadora Bonilla SolisWataru & Co., Ltd.FINISHED
2487.58352,314.9lbs$0.10$10.20/lb$23,611.98La Laguna - Jorge Mario Araya MoraTIMESCLUBFINISHED
2587.5161,058.24lbs$0.10$12.30/lb$13,016.35El Centro - Teneria Pirro Antonio Gomez LTDALatorre & Dutch Coffee TradersFINISHED
2687.4412760.61lbs$0.10$10.90/lb$8,290.65La Union Pedro - Maria Elena Camacho MoralesEcom Japan LimitedFINISHED
2787.38161,025.17lbs$0.10$11.60/lb$11,891.97Don Mayo el Cedral - Hector Bonilla CruzLatorre & Dutch Coffee TradersFINISHED
2887.28161,058.24lbs$0.10$11.20/lb$11,852.29Toño - Erasmo Aguilera GonzalesBrew92 Cafe & RoasteryFINISHED
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