Burundi CoE 2018

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Lots: 36
Bidding starts: 02 Oct 2018 09:00:00 EDT
Ends: 02 Oct 2018 12:22:14 EDT
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Cup of Excellence® winners showcase the countries most amazing flavors: only possible when varietal, terroir, and harvesting are all in harmony.

Farmers and mills that handcraft these rare gems deserve the accolades and premiums that being a Cup of Excellence winner afford them. All Cup of Excellence coffees have passed through at least 5 rigorous cuppings and have a final score of 86 points and higher. These coffee lots are vacuum packed and ready to ship after the auction. Retail bag labels will be sent to buyers.

Lots in this auction

Rank Score Size Weight Increment Bid Total value Farm High bidder Time left
1A91.434264.55lbs$0.10$19.90/lb$5,264.55RUBAGABAGA - Barinzigo Honoré – GREENCOMaruyama Coffee Co., Ltd., Sarutahiko Coffee, Good Boy Bob CoffeeFINISHED
1B91.435315.26lbs$0.10$19.60/lb$6,179.10RUBAGABAGA - Barinzigo Honoré – GREENCOTime's Club, Hisashi Yamamoto Coffee (Unir), Coffee LibreFINISHED
2A91.149595.25lbs$0.10$18.30/lb$10,893.08MUNKAZE COFFEE - Bavumiragira Antoine – BUJA COFFEE 15+Campos CoffeeFINISHED
2B91.1410652.57lbs$0.10$16.60/lb$10,832.66MUNKAZE COFFEE - Bavumiragira Antoine – BUJA COFFEE 15+Campos CoffeeFINISHED
3A90.574264.55lbs$0.10$11.00/lb$2,910.05RUBAGABAGA - Bucumi Casimile – GREENCOMokka Specialty CoffeeFINISHED
3B90.575330.69lbs$0.10$11.00/lb$3,637.59RUBAGABAGA - Bucumi Casimile – GREENCORed Meow Coffee, Chanji Coffee FirmFINISHED
4A90.46221,455.05lbs$0.10$6.60/lb$9,603.33BWAYI - Minani Agnès – SOGESTAL KAYANZAKafemaFINISHED
4B90.46231,514.57lbs$0.10$6.00/lb$9,087.42BWAYI - Minani Agnès – SOGESTAL KAYANZAWataru & Co., Ltd.FINISHED
5A90.325330.69lbs$0.10$8.10/lb$2,678.59NEMBA - Miburo Adrien – GREENCOlowkeycoffee (coffeejumbbang)FINISHED
5B90.325330.69lbs$0.10$7.20/lb$2,380.97NEMBA - Miburo Adrien – GREENCO32CUP N.V.FINISHED
6A90.325330.69lbs$0.10$7.20/lb$2,380.97NZOVE - Minani Elias – GREENCOToa Coffee Co., Ltd. JAPANFINISHED
6B90.325308.65lbs$0.10$7.60/lb$2,345.74NZOVE - Minani Elias – GREENCOWataru & Co., Ltd. - NagoyaFINISHED
7A90.25211,388.91lbs$0.10$5.90/lb$8,194.57BWAYI - Nizigiyimana Léonard – SOGESTAL KAYANZAWataru & Co., Ltd.FINISHED
7B90.25211,417.57lbs$0.10$6.00/lb$8,505.42BWAYI - Nizigiyimana Léonard – SOGESTAL KAYANZAelbgold Roestkaffee GmbHFINISHED
889.9610679.02lbs$0.10$17.50/lb$11,882.85BUZIRAGUHINDWA - Sindihebura Aghalte – CPCCampos CoffeeFINISHED
989.799595.25lbs$0.10$5.70/lb$3,392.93NKAKA - Minani Balthazar – GREENCOMoustache Coffee Club, Florisbella Coffee, Carrboro Coffee Roasters, Kean CoffeeFINISHED
1089.7110661.39lbs$0.10$5.70/lb$3,769.92KINYANA - Faida Denise – GREENCOBPCFINISHED
1188.61312,076.75lbs$0.10$5.50/lb$11,422.13GWIRI - Niyonzima Géovanie – COOP YAGIKAWAKyokuto Fadie CorporationFINISHED
1288.5410661.39lbs$0.10$6.00/lb$3,968.34NEMBA - Banyansekare Marc – GREENCODimattina CoffeeFINISHED
1388.4311712.09lbs$0.10$6.00/lb$4,272.54NZOVE - Bucumi Consilie – GREENCOLa Boheme CafeFINISHED
1488.39241,569.69lbs$0.10$6.10/lb$9,575.11KIREMA - Nyandwi Immaculée – SOGESTAL KAYANZACampos CoffeeFINISHED
1588.2910639.34lbs$0.10$7.60/lb$4,858.98KIBINGO - Miburo Anicet – GREENCODragonfly Coffee RoastersFINISHED
1688.2510661.39lbs$0.10$7.50/lb$4,960.43YANDARO - Minani Eliphase – GREENCOWataru for Nozy CoffeeFINISHED
1788.1810683.43lbs$0.10$5.60/lb$3,827.21BUZIRAGUHINDWA - Barisesa Immaculée – CPCRed Meow Coffee, Chanji Coffee FirmFINISHED
1888.149612.88lbs$0.10$5.50/lb$3,370.84KAGOMA - Minani Balthazar – GREENCOMaruyama Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
1988.148551.16lbs$0.10$5.60/lb$3,086.50NKAKA - Ngendakumana Salvator – GREENCONippon Coffee TradingFINISHED
2088.11422,806.48lbs$0.10$5.50/lb$15,435.64BWAYI - Mpamira Joseph – SOGESTAL KAYANZAHonu Kato Coffee Inc.FINISHED
2188.11291,931.25lbs$0.10$5.50/lb$10,621.88GWIRI - Ntungicimpaye Caline – COOP YAGIKAWAWataru & Co., Ltd.FINISHED
2288.010639.34lbs$0.10$5.60/lb$3,580.30BUKEYE - Ndorere Juvenal – CCCWataru for Ogawa CoffeeFINISHED
2387.8910679.02lbs$0.10$6.00/lb$4,074.12NEMBA - Barutwanayo Cassien – GREENCOHAYDENFINISHED
2487.71201,322.77lbs$0.10$5.50/lb$7,275.24MPANGA -  – MATRACOUCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
2587.6814954.6lbs$0.10$5.50/lb$5,250.30KAZIBAZIBA - Manirakiza Thérèse – COOP DOHORERABARIMYIHonu Kato Coffee Inc.FINISHED
2687.549617.29lbs$0.10$5.60/lb$3,456.82KAGOMA - Manimbona Laurant – GREENCOWataru & Co., Ltd. - NagoyaFINISHED
2787.46332,182.57lbs$0.10$5.50/lb$12,004.14MUNYINYA - Biyuhire Joselyne – MUNYINYA COFFEEHonu Kato Coffee Inc.FINISHED
2887.4614914.92lbs$0.10$5.50/lb$5,032.06BUSINDE - Nsengiyumva Désiré – MATRACOHonu Kato Coffee Inc.FINISHED
2987.1110628.32lbs$0.10$5.50/lb$3,455.76KAGOMA - Hatungimana Donatien – GREENCOHonu Kato Coffee Inc.FINISHED
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