2020 Qima Private Collection Auction

Auction overview

Lots: 20
Bidding starts: 15 Sep 2020 09:00:00 EDT
Ends: 15 Sep 2020 11:13:26 EDT
Bidding Agreement

The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) in partnership with Qima Coffee is proud to present these 20 lots of specialty Yemeni coffee for auction.

The size shown below is the number of 20kg boxes that the coffee is packaged in, including partial boxes.

Lots in this auction

Rank Score Size Weight Increment Bid Total value Farm High bidder Time left
190.934159lbs$0.50$207.15/lb$32,936.85Yahya Lahaba - YemeniaSarutahiko Coffee Inc.FINISHED
290.737288lbs$0.50$130.00/lb$37,440.00Abdo Alqadah - YemeniaGeorge Howell CoffeeFINISHED
390.477288lbs$0.50$140.50/lb$40,464.00Qima Alchemy Series Lot 1 - YemeniaMad Priest Coffee RoastersFINISHED
490.414173lbs$0.50$130.50/lb$22,576.50Ahmed Lahaba - YemeniaOrsir Coffee Co., Ltd.FINISHED
590.284136lbs$0.50$120.50/lb$16,388.00Qima Alchemy Series Lot 2 - YemeniaJune's Garden CoffeeFINISHED
689.934146lbs$0.50$130.00/lb$18,980.00Qima Alchemy Series Lot 3 - YemeniaDom Coffee LabFINISHED
789.694139lbs$0.50$120.00/lb$16,680.00Qima Alchemy Series Lot 4 - YemeniaSulalat Coffee TradingFINISHED
889.69396lbs$0.50$66.50/lb$26,334.00Qima Alchemy Series Lot 5 - YemeniaSquare Mile Coffee RoastersFINISHED
988.9441,929lbs$0.50$25.00/lb$48,225.00Mutawasat Community - YemeniaBrulerie du QuaiFINISHED
1088.034165lbs$0.50$76.50/lb$12,622.50Ghailan Saad - YemeniaSUPREMO COFFEEFINISHED
1187.96287lbs$0.50$82.50/lb$7,177.50Women Farmers of Dhamar - SL28Ascension Coffee RoastersFINISHED
1287.863102lbs$0.50$82.50/lb$8,415.00Himyar Subaih - YemeniaCoffee StainFINISHED
1387.813112lbs$0.50$66.00/lb$7,392.00Qabal Community - SL-34Project OriginFINISHED
1487.473112lbs$0.50$47.50/lb$5,320.00Abdul Rauf - TypicaCut Hand GroupFINISHED
1587.449366lbs$0.50$23.00/lb$8,418.00Akram Darwaish - SL28Robert Kao & Company, LTDFINISHED
1687.4110404lbs$0.50$33.00/lb$13,332.00Mustafa Ali - YemeniaGBT-SOLIDSTRIPEFINISHED
1787.3512500lbs$0.50$32.50/lb$16,250.00Jarmah Community - YemeniaGlobal Performance LLCFINISHED
1887.27289lbs$0.50$54.60/lb$15,779.40Bani Matr Community - YemeniaSc Origo Roastery SrlFINISHED
1987.17281,219lbs$0.50$23.50/lb$28,646.50Bait Alal Community - YemeniaCoffee LibreFINISHED
2087.134135lbs$0.50$41.00/lb$5,535.00Women Farmers of Qabal - SL-34Ascension Coffee RoastersFINISHED
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